September is “Healthy Aging Month”, an annual, nationwide observance created to promote the positive aspects of aging. It’s no secret that growing older comes with wisdom, but it also comes with a few unwanted changes. As we get older, our skin becomes thinner, loses fat, and wrinkles/fine lines become more evident. Hair loss is another normal part of aging. Although these changes are all common and natural, there are things you can do to help your patients protect their skin and hair from aging, while making them look and feel revitalized.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, is a 100% autologous, non-surgical method of skin rejuvenation, utilizing the patient’s own blood to improve the appearance of volume, texture, and provides an overall youthful glow. Due to a variety of high concentration growth factors, we can clearly see the benefits of PRP treatments through superior clinical outcomes. A study from Spandidos Publications Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine found that,⁠ ⁠

“Physiologically, the growth factors in PRP have important roles in reducing the rate of aging by restoring the declining DNA synthesis that occurs with aging, resisting cell death and enhancing gene expression for tissue repair (25,26). A positive correlation between PRP and skin anti-aging has also been reported in both pre-clinical and clinical practice (25-28).”

The researchers found their results to be consistent with previous studies– which showed that PRP treatment improved skin conditions, such as increased skin thickness, enhanced collagen content and reduced pigmentation.

Although wrinkles are typically the first signs of aging, initial hair loss is often overlooked as a symptom for both men and women. PRP has become a newer method of treatment for various types of alopecia and hair loss due to its minimal invasiveness, absence of major side effects and more affordable cost when compared to restoration surgery. According to a study from the International Journal of Women’s dermatology, “Overall, male, and female patients have had positive results from PRP injections in AGA in terms of regrowth, increased hair density, and improved quality of life.”

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