Platelet-Rich Plasma

Advanced Aesthetics & Orthopedics Training

Juventix PRP® Training

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been successfully used for many years in wound healing* tissue repair* cosmetics* and pain management*. The treatment is cost effective, with very little upfront expenses. Juventix Regenerative Medical is proud to offer comprehensive and hands-on training options to aestheticians, dermatologists, internal medicine doctors, orthopedics, sports medicine doctors, pain management specialists, and many other physicians practicing in a variety of other disciplines.

PRP is becoming an increasingly popular treatment to help repair damage by using the body’s own healing process. Patients who are opposed to using artificial products will be happier to try this treatment as it is completely natural and safe.

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About Our Curriculum

The Juventix Regenerative Medical Team is committed to providing the highest quality hands-on training to empower you and your staff to confidently offer these procedures in your clinic. This comprehensive two-day hands-on-training course explores the history and literature relating to current studies of PRP and regenerative medicine therapies. An orientation of PRP collection, preparation and highlights of the treatment’s safe and effective uses will be delivered. In addition, various live patient demonstrations will be performed followed by supervised guidance of your team replicating the procedures. Other topics include treatment protocols, equipment training, product training to understand which supplies are required, and an overview of marketing strategies to develop a successful regenerative medicine practice. We offer flexible training opportunities, where clinicians can choose either on-site training at our facility or in-person training for the whole staff at their practice.

Course Objectives:

• Learn the History & Science behind PRP and Regenerative Medicine Therapies

• PRP collection and tips for precise placement

• Live Patient Demonstrations

• Hands-on Training

• Explanation of the equipment that is required and how to use (Centrifuge, Bio-Filler, PRP Kits)

• What supplies are required to perform the procedures

• Marketing strategies for your practice

Our clinicians, upon completion of this course, are successfully and confidently offering PRP treatment options to provide the latest of healing and cosmetic procedures* to patients. These treatments are safe and minimally invasive for chronic pain*, non-healing wounds*, and aesthetic conditions*. You’ll learn everything you need to know to successfully offer PRP therapy and other regenerative medicine procedures.

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