Juventix Regenerative Medical has all the supplies and devices necessary to perform the increasingly popular Microneedling with PRP procedure. Below, you will find the the steps to prepare microneedling with PRP for application to the face.


Gather your supplies: 1cc syringes, 24g needle, Juventix Medical PRP Tube, gloves, alcohol swabs, gauze.

Step 2:

Draw up the PRP using 1cc syringes, remove the cap from Juventix Medical PRP Tube for easy PRP draw into syringe.

Step 3:

Draw up all PRP from Juventix Medical PRP Tube, do NOT draw up the red blood cells that are located at the button of the tube. The yellow plasma has the growth factors to heal damaged skin, tissue, ligaments, and hair follicles.

Step 4:

Continue to draw up all PRP from the Juventix Medical PRP Tube until you have drawn up all the plasma. Once you are done, your end result should look similar to the photo below.

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Juventix Platelet Rich Plasma

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