Juventix Regenerative Medical's PRP harvesting kits provide a competitive advantage in the regenerative medical space by offering superlative clinical outcomes at a commercially reasonable cost. Because our kits contain a lower level of anticoagulant, the PRP injection is less painful for patients, increasing not only satisfaction, but the chances of completing a full course of treatment.

Juventix Regenerative Medical is an industry leader in centrifugation  and offers a full line of high-quality, reliable, economical and easy-to-use instruments to meet your needs. Our centrifuges save you  time, are easy to work with and offer consistently exceptional performance each time. In 8-minutes, the PRP is ready to use for patient injections using the CENT8 Centrifuge.

With minimal upfront cost, practices can quickly and safely offer Platelet Rich Plasma, an autologous treatment with zero side effects, which can promote healing for orthopedic and aesthetics applications. This protocol is changing the way doctors treat pain, injury and aging for their patients.

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